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The Tearney Martial Arts Success Formula with Grand Master Greg Tearney

This month on the MA Biz Power Connection show… GCI President, Rob Colasanti, conducted an in-depth “Strategy Session” with his longtime friend, Grand Master Greg Tearney, of Tearney’s Martial Arts in Syracuse, New York. This exclusive session delivers a treasure trove of unprecedented wisdom and knowledge that stems from Tearney’s more than five decades of hard won experience in the martial arts industry. As you’ll discover, the vast depth of credibility that our guest brings to the table is seriously impressive to say the least. For starters, during the sixties and seventies, Tearney fought bare-knuckle in the heavyweight Black Belt ...
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How to Do After School Martial Arts…the Right Way!

In this month’s edition of the M.A. Biz Power Connection… Rob Colasanti’s special guest is longtime GCI member and friend, Kyoshi Scott Maczuga, of Vortex Martial Arts, in Texas. Kyoshi Maczuga is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a sustainable, highly profitable after school martial arts program. He’s been running his for a solid 14 years now. Currently, Kyoshi teaches 130 after school students at a 66% profit margin—and this accounts for more than $475,000 dollars of his annual gross income. IMPRESSIVE! In this knowledge-rich, hour and eleven minute long Strategy Session interview, Colasanti and Maczuga give you the “battle-tested” ...
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How to Be a WINNER in the Martial Arts Biz and Beyond

Ever wish you could take a martial arts millionaire to lunch and find out their priceless secrets to success? Well, here’s your chance! This month, on the M.A. Biz Power Connection show, GCI President, Rob Colasanti, did all the heavy lifting for you. Mr. Colasanti invited his longtime friend Master Melodee Meyer “to lunch” for an in-depth discussion that serves-up her most successful operational methodologies to you on a silver platter. And now you get to be the proverbial fly on the wall…as proven strategy after proven strategy is revealed. Master Mel operates Martial Arts Family Fitness Center in Santa Barbara, California, with ...
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How to Boost New Student Enrollments with the Ultimate “School Talk” System

In this episode of the M.A. Biz Power Connection show… Rob Colasanti’s special guest is longtime GCI member and friend, Master Josh Arcemont, of HERO Martial Arts Academy, in Spring, Texas. Master Arcemont is one of the industry's leading experts when it comes to delivering powerful, potent, profitable School Talks. Approximately 40% of his 307 active students have originated from him presenting at his local academic schools. In fact, Master Arcemont currently maintains relationships with more than 20 elementary, middle and high schools in his area—and was recently recognized by the Superintendent in his district. IMPRESSIVE! In this rapid-fire, hour and ...
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SPARRING: How to Create the Perfect Balance Between Function and Retention

  This month, on the M.A. Biz Power Connection… GCI President, Rob Colasanti, welcomed his longtime friend, Master Chris Rappold, of Personal Best Karate. Master Rappold owns five Personal Best Karate schools, he is a 5-time world karate champion, he is the Executive Director of Team Paul Mitchell Karate, and each year at Thanksgiving-time he feeds thousands of needy families through his Personal Best Turkey Brigade. According to Colasanti, “Master Rappold is one of the most impressive, most professional and most giving individuals I have ever met in the martial arts field. He is an exemplary, high-achieving, role model school ...
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Hersh Sandhoo—MA Game Changer

How to Get More Quality New Student Leads Online—Fast and Affordably

This month on the M.A. Biz Power Connection show… GCI President, Rob Colasanti, welcomes his good friend, Webmation CEO, Hersh Sandhoo. Sandhoo is a 4th degree black belt and one of the original technology “wizkids” of the martial arts industry. Often accused of being “ahead of his time,” he helped grow one of his client’s schools from $200K to over a million dollars a year using his integrative digital marketing strategies. Clearly, as technology continues to proliferate and infiltrate all aspects of marketing, it’s critical that school owners understand how to harness its power. But sadly, digital marketing remains little ...
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Rob Colasanti interviews Master Jeff Cvitak on martial arts school culture

How to Change Your Culture…and DOUBLE Your Student Count!

Recently, GCI President, Rob Colasanti, welcomed his longtime friend, Master Jeff Cvitak, to the M.A. Biz Power Connection show. Master Cvitak operates Martial Arts USA in Springfield, Missouri. He teaches 383 active students, has 16 paid staff members, a gorgeous 5,500 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility, and he maintains a seriously impressive 1.8% retention. Wow! Even more—his school is systemized to the point where he has personal freedom and can truly enjoy a wonderful quality of life as an exemplary martial arts entrepreneur. Here, Colasanti takes Cvitak on a “deep dive” discussion involving one of the most important…yet esoteric…aspects of the martial ...
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2015 MAA Facebook Instructors

How to Find, Hire and Keep the Staff of Your Dreams

Looking for proven methods to find, hire and keep the staff of your dreams? If you enthusiastically answered YES, YES, YES...then this exclusive "Strategy Session" with GCI member Sensei Matt Dorsey will be worth its weight in gold to you! Sensei Dorsey operates three successful Martial Arts America schools in upstate New York. He’s been in business for 30 years. And he teaches close to 500 active students. Currently, Sensei Dorsey employs 17 part time staff members and 3 full timers—one of which, he’s made a partner in the business. In this knowledge-packed meeting of the minds, GCI President Rob Colasanti "goes deep" with Sensei ...
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Master Theros and Rob

“Retention Game Changer” with Master James Theros

Master James Theros operates Level 10 Martial Arts College, located in Indianapolis, Indiana—which grosses $30,000-$40,000 per month, with a modest 180 quality students. Recently, at a lunch meeting in Tampa, Florida, Master Theros asked Colasanti how he could contribute to the success of his fellow GCI members and also give back to the organization. The outcome was that Master Theros graciously offered to gift his entire Level 10 Retention System (LTRS) to other GCI members, with hopes that they will use it to improve their retention, just as he did at his own school after many years of developing and fine-tuning his system. The LTRS contains a ...
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How the Most Successful School Owners in the Nation Operate…and More

This month, GCI spotlighted Master Randy Reid, publisher of Dojo Nation magazine. Randy Reid once operated 23 Karate America schools in Wisconsin. He had hundreds of black belts, thousands of students and more staff members than most people in the martial arts business could ever imagine. Additionally, Master Reid projects a humorous, charismatic, "karate guy" personality that is only trumped by his vast level of experience in the martial arts industry. During Reid’s extensive two-part strategy session interview with longtime friend, GCI President, Rob Colasanti, the 7th degree black belt revealed his best-kept strategies and inner-most opinions on a wide range of important topics. Part 1 includes: Why ...
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WEBINAR: How to Increase Your Student Value and Profits with a Private Label Wellness Room

This month, Rob Colasanti's special guest in the M.A. Biz Power Connection was Master Robert Ferguson of Ventura, California. Ferguson is the former owner of Fighting Tigers TaeKwonDo (1987-2003). Beginning his training at the tender age of five, he presently holds black belts is seven different styles with is highest rank being 6th Dan in Taekwondo. He is also the former publisher of the Martial Arts Gazette, a publication which Colasanti once appeared on the cover of with his instructor. Ferguson, who has always been an advocate of health, fitness, diet, nutrition and overall wellness, long ago expanded his influence way ...
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“Way of the New Student Lead” with Sensei Gustavo Larrea

This month, Sensei Gustavo Larrea joined GCI President Rob Colasanti on the MA Biz Power Connection show. The highly anticipated interview has been appropriately titled “Way of the New Student Lead.” To set the stage… Sensei Larrea operates a single location school in New York called Traditional Karate America. He runs his school using a traditional JKA karate culture. Plus, he “keeps it simple”—only teaching adult karate, kids karate and his own brand of Fitness Kickboxing called GoForItKickboxing. Take a look at some of his numbers: He has a 3,700 square foot school in a non prime location He consistently generates ...
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The “Point MMA” Profit Center

  Recently, 7-time world martial arts champion and hall-of-famer, Master Willie "The Bam" Johnson joined GCI President Rob Colasanti on the M.A. Biz Power Connection show. “The Bam” introduced his popular (and highly structured) Point MMA program, which is getting lots of attention, ranging from the reality television series Shark Tank to the AAU to schools of every style in and out of the country. Now, whether you are a fan of MMA...or point karate...or neither—NO WORRIES! You see, "The Bam" is a veteran kung fu school operator and competitor with tons of real-world business knowledge and experience under his sash.   During the interview, he graciously shared many powerful ideas and ...
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Mastering the Art of the Holiday Shopping Sale

In this month's edition of the M.A. Biz Power Connection, GCI President Rob Colasanti welcomed his good friend Master Eric Hensley of Premier Martial Arts, located in North Augusta, South Carolina. Master Hensley is a veteran school owner and Chuck Norris black belt. Even more, he operates one of the most successful Holiday Shopping Sales in the industry. This year, Master Hensley generated more than $52,000 in product sales from his annual event and he only has 239 students at the school he operates with his son Aaron. But what's really amazing is that he also upgraded approximately 40 students who ...
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The Ultimate Retention-Building School Evaluation System

In the martial arts business, few things are more crucial than student retention. However, many school owners simply do not have effective methods in place that enable them to track and improve their retention on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, Master Tommy Lee of East Coast Martial Arts has this down to a science. He’s developed a phenomenal system for using evaluations to improve his school’s retention (and service) year-round. In fact, this was the focus of the mind-blowing discussion he had with GCI President, Rob Colasanti, in this month’s edition of the M.A. Biz Power Connection. You ...
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How to Systemize Your School Using FREE Online Technologies

If you’re interested in systemizing your martial arts school for peak performance, then this exclusive GCI strategy session is a must hear for you! Master Korbett Miller was Rob Colasanti’s special guest in the M.A. Biz Power Connection, where the two focused on the topic of SYSTEMS. Master Miller operates Miller's Martial Arts Academy in Kirkland, Washington. He teaches 250 students and nets approximately 50% of his gross. And this provides him with an admirable six-figure income. Master Miller’s school runs very smoothly without his direct involvement and this allows him to enjoy a fantastic quality of life. In fact, ...
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Success to the 10th Degree with Master Sang Koo Kang

In this exclusive GCI strategy session, Rob Colasanti conducts a multi-faceted interview session with the one and only Master Sang Koo Kang from Miami, Florida. Who is Master Sang? For starters, Master Sang came to this country with pretty much nothing and today he’s a martial arts millionaire…living in a mansion. He’s a master of generating publicity—having been featured in a wide swath of martial arts publications, fashion magazines, newspapers, local news, tv shows and other media. He’s a martial arts teacher to notables such as Christian Slater, Boris Becker and Brett Ratner. He’s appeared in major movies such as ...
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Your Social Media “KNOCKOUT” Punch

Would you like to grow your school using a proven social media marketing system? If so, here's your chance to find out what it truly takes to succeed. Recently, Master Michael Dinoto of Dinoto Karate Center was Rob Colasanti's special guest on the M.A. Biz Power Connection show. For nearly two-hours, the two discussed the specifics involving Master Dinoto's ultra-effective social media marketing system. Through the guidance of GCI member Sensei Gustavo Larrea, Master Dinoto has been generating amazing results with social. In fact, here's a few statistics you may find interesting: During 2012, when Master Dinoto was using primarily EDDM for ...
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The Proven, Profitable Private Lesson System of Master Mike Lee

Master Mike Lee of Masters Martial Arts and Fitness located in Syosset, NY has been teaching Tae Kwon Do for more than three decades and has appeared on the cover of TKD Times Magazine. He also served as Head Instructor and Coach of the Columbia University Tae Kwon Do Team from 1991-2014. In recent years, Master Lee has learned a lot about the business of teaching private lessons and is having great success with his private lesson program. You see, Master Lee's school grosses approximately $300,000 dollars per year in a modest, non-prime location. But amazingly, nearly 40% of this ...
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Master Tommy Lee—The Great and Powerful Wizard of the Martial Arts Business

Ever try punching a heavy bag with your hands tied behind your back? How about sparring with a blindfold? Or, grappling on a bed of nails? Creating and sustaining a truly successful martial arts school in today's economy can be even more difficult—if you don't know how to do it correctly. And many school owners simply do not. So sadly, they struggle long term as the often unkind forces of business slowly but surely grind them down into a fine powder that eventually gets blown away by the next strong wind that comes along. On the other hand, Master Tommy ...
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How to Create a Million Dollar School by Breaking All the “Rules”

Would you like to know how to create a MILLION dollar a year martial arts school by breaking all the so-called "rules" of the game? If so, you're in luck! This month, GCI member Professor Brannon Beliso of One Martial Arts was Rob Colasanti's special guest in the M.A. Biz Power Connection. During this potent two-hour STRATEGY SESSION, Colasanti conducted a "cat scan-like" analysis of how Professor grosses over $1,000,000 a year in a school that's less than 4,000 square feet.  Even better—Professor graciously explained how he does it WITHOUT upgrade programs, WITHOUT student contracts, WITHOUT a billing company, WITHOUT charging belt fees, WITHOUT after school martial arts, WITHOUT teaching intro lessons, WITHOUT any parking at ...
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From $0 – $700K with Master Dusty Everson

In this POWERHOUSE interview, GCI President Rob Colasanti discusses a wide range of key school growth topics with GCI client Dusty Everson of Everson's Karate, who grosses approximately $700,000 per year at his New Jersey based school. This interview is a "must hear" for any GCI member who is serious about success. Topics include retention, student service, tuition structure, offline and online marketing, EDDM, staff development, average student value, birthday parties, upgrade systems, billing companies, front desk software and so much more. The MP3 file of this information-loaded, hour and forty five minute session...along with a few samples of Dusty's recently successful ...
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3,750 Active Students and 9 Locations…All By Keeping It Simple

GCI client John Bussard launched Kicks Karate 18 years ago. Today, he teaches 3,825 active students and enjoys a recurring billing check of approximately a half-million dollars a month. And he continues to grow, recently opening his tenth location. How does he do it? In this exclusive, up-close-and-personal discussion with GCI President Rob Colasanti, Mr. Bussard holds nothing back as he shares the proven secrets to his massive success.   PLAY AUDIO: 3,750 Active Students and 9 Locations…All By Keeping It Simple—Part 1 DOWNLOAD: AUDIO: >> 3,750 Active Students and 9 Locations…All By Keeping It Simple—Part 1 PLAY AUDIO: 3,750 Active Students ...
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