Physically Fit…Probably. Financially Fit…I Wonder.

  Friend, I have the good fortune pf speaking with awesome school owners virtually every day.  Often, financial matters come up.  I hear the good, ...
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The Making of Fear Knot’s New TV Commercial

It's our pleasure to introduce you to our longtime friend, GCI member, Master Keith Wilkes. Master Wilkes operates three Fear Knot Martial Arts ...
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Awaken Your Brain with Hammer Drills

    Friend,  My friend Matt Furey invited me to be his guest at a seminar he hosted this weekend in Clearwater Beach, ...
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3-Minute_Thursdays-_Josh_Arcemont (1)

Master Josh Arcemont: 313 Students, $40K per Month, Awesome School Tour with Tips!

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment, we'd like to introduce you to GCI member Master Josh Arcemont. Master Arcemont operates HERO Martial Arts ...
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3-Padded Stick Training Drills from the Mayo Academy

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment… Sensei Sonny Mayo, who operates the Mayo Academy of Kicboxing and MMA in New York, ...
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How to Create “A” Level Staff with Power Meetings

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to longtime GCI member Master Bryan Zarnett, who operates Durham Modern Martial Arts in ...
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GCI_3-Minute_Thursday_Mike_Lee_HIIT (1)

5 Intense Interval Techniques for Finishing Your Classes Strong!

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment… GCI's Director of Membership Services, Master Mike Lee, shares 5 high-intensity interval techniques with you. He ...
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Upcoming Strategy Session: The A-Z on Staffing with Sensei Matt Dorsey

Dear Friend, My instructor used to say, "Staff members: Can't live with 'em...can't shoot 'em!" Okay, so perhaps it's a bit audacious ...
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An Excellent Focus Mitt Drill for Your Students

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays video… Sensei Sonny Mayo of the Mayo Academy in New York shares an excellent focus mitt ...
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Master Theros 3-Minute Thursdays

8-Step Sparring Kung Fu Drill with Master James Theros

In this 3-Minute Thursdays segment... GCI member, Master James Theros of Level 10 Martial Arts College, shares with you his 8-step ...
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A School Tour that Highlights Professionalism

In this week's 3-Minute Thursdays video... Master Michael Pam graciously gives us a brief, yet educational tour of his school, located ...
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Melodee Meyer

Melodee Meyer on Attracting More Women and Families to Your School

In our debut 3-Minute Thursdays segment, Melodee Meyer of KUT Fitness Kickboxing gives you valuable tips on how to attract ...
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