Cloning Instructors Part 1 GraphicHow do you create instructors that keep students coming back year after year?

According to “Game Changer” Chris Rappold, “You implement an instructor training program that builds on achieving progress in the three fundamental areas. They are:

1. Physical attributes (fitness and martial arts)

2. Mental and emotional maturity

3. Communication and influence skills

In order to have a great instructor—you must have all three of these fundamental areas working as one, during every class.”

In Part 1 of this three-part GCI special report series, Mr. Rapppold shares his ideas for maximizing the physical fitness and martial arts performance of your instructors. He even provides an outline for an instructor training class that focuses on the physical.

Download the PDF below and begin implementing Mr. Rappold’s strategy at your school today.


Cloning Instructors—Part 1


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