FMA Skills & Drills Series

Tim Hartman Video

FMA Skills & Drills-Segment 5

In the final segment of GCI's FMA Skills & Drills entry level series, Datu Tim Hartman teaches you a sinwali. Datu demonstrates the sinwali with his student…showing that it can be done with live or padded sticks. He explains how to match stick colors and then substance when working with a partner. Dubbed the "high five, low five" drill—this is a fun stick exercise that students of all ages will enjoy ...
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FMA Skills & Drills-Segment 4

In Segment #4 of GCI's FMA Skills & Drills, Datu Tim Hartman teaches you another round of excellent classroom drills. Specifically—You'll learn how to block, check and counter off 10 different angles of attack using the escrima sticks.  This material is applicable for children and adults and can be incorporated into virtually any school's curriculum. And remember, GCI would be happy to put you directly in touch with Datu if you have any questions for him ...
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FMA Skills & Drills-Segment 3

GCI FMA Lesson 3 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo. In GCI's FMA Skills & Drills Lesson #3, Datu Tim Hartman teaches you a series of effective blocks and parries. You'll learn brace blocks, two hand blocks, the proper footwork for blocking, parries, how to apply blocks to various angles of attacks and more—all using eskrima sticks. Then, Datu demonstrates all of these concepts with a partner. This is some great material that offers you multiple applications as a school owner and martial arts practitioner ...
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FMA Skills & Drills-Segments 1 & 2

FMA Skills & Drills Segments 1 & 2 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo. In his debut FMA Skills & Drills segment, Datu Tim Hartman of Horizon Martial Arts provides important recommendations and guidelines involving the use of Eskrima sticks for kids and adults. Then, he dives right into segment two, where he teaches you a variety of fundamentals including striking patterns, footwork skills and angles of attack using an Eskrima stick. Regardless of what style of martial arts you teach—this material can be implemented into your school as exciting new class curriculum, practical self-defense material or powerful upgrade program content. It can be used in seminars, special events ...
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