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“Back to Basics” by Jay Abraham

Original "Game Changer," Jay Abraham, is considered one of the top business growth experts in the world. Due to his longstanding relationship with GCI President, Rob Colasanti, Jay will be contributing five video segments for the benefit of the GCI audience. The videos were taped earlier this year to prime 850 participants who paid $5,000 a ticket to see Jay live in Japan. The videos are in their raw state and link to Jay's private Youtube channel. According to Jay: "As I’ve grown and developed my ability and knowledge, my work has moved from core basics to a far more sophisticated/advanced strategic focus.  ...
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The Sticking Point Solution

The Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham

The Sticking Point Solution  by Jay Abraham In The Sticking Point Solution, Jay Abraham helps you recognize the ways in which your business may be stuck. Then, he gives you tools for getting unstuck, so you can finally enjoy the kind of growth and income you want. This book could be the “game changer” you’ve been searching for! Click here to download the pdf   ...
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Strategy of Preeminence

The Strategy of Preeminence for School Owners (Video)

The Strategy of Preeminence for Martial Arts Pros  (90-minute video) by Jay Abraham In this 90-minute keynote address coordinate by GCI and delivered to martial arts school owners , Jay Abraham teaches you how to add richness to the life of each and every student you encounter with his patented Strategy of Preeminence. Watch this thought-provoking video and you’ll want to make Jay’s strategy the underpinning of your school’s culture, marketing, service and student interaction. A must-see for any GCI client or staff member!   ...
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Secret Wealth

Secret Wealth by Jay Abraham

Secret Wealth  by Jay Abraham Discover how to easily, instantly and continuously get personal profits and all the abundant wealth you want out of your life, your school, or any business with which you are involved. Once you apply Jay Abraham’s “Secret Wealth” principle you will become liberated forever from all the fear, uncertainty, problems and difficulties you've previously struggled with all your life. It’s time you finally reach out and grab success by the throat! Click here to download the pdf ...
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The Ultimate Profit System

The Ultimate Martial Arts Marketing & Profit-Making System

The Ultimate Martial Arts Marketing and Profit-Making System  by Jay Abraham and Rob Colasanti (6-Hour CD Set) This info-packed, 6-hour audio program featuring marketing legend Jay Abraham and GCI President Rob Colasanti was created exclusively for martial arts school owners. It's literally overflowing with real-world examples, proven strategies, step-by-step guidelines and illustrative stories. You’ll get the actionable insight and powerful advice you need to make long-term profit improvements at your school…starting now! Rob Profit System 1.mp3 Rob Profit System 2.mp3 Rob Profit System 3.mp3 Rob Profit System 4.mp3 Rob Profit System 5.mp3 Rob Profit System 6.mp3 ...
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PEQ System

PEQ System by Jay Abraham & Chet Holmes

The Performance Enhancement Quotient System (PEQ)  by Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes The Performance Enhancement Quotient (PEQ) system by Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes virtually guarantees higher overall performance levels, capabilities and results throughout any company’s selling system…including a martial arts school. The original live event sold for $25,000 per ticket. And this home study course manual later sold for $5,000. However, Jay has contributed this gem for your benefit as part of the GCI launch. This is huge! Click here to download the pd ...
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The Keys to Being a Highly Effective Leader

A number of years ago, GCI advocate Jay Abraham interviewed his friend and colleague Stephen R. Covey on the subject of "Effectiveness." Stephen R. Covey, recently deceased, was the famed author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People—a popular book among martial arts school owners, which contains subject matter that many instructors have incorporated into their leadership training programs. As you'll hear in the MP3 files below, Jay conducted a deeply penetrating interview where Dr. Covey invested over 90-minutes answering Jay's "hot potato" questions about EFFECTIVENESS.  Jay also had the interview carefully transcribed so it's easy for you to read ...
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The Story of Obvious Adams

Have you or one of your staff members ever failed to see the obvious? Have you ever overlooked something that was staring you right in the face as it pertains to student service, your school's systems, your marketing, your curriculum, your upgrade programs, your special events, etc.? It goes without saying that sometimes even the brightest martial arts professionals can't see the obvious, even when it's right in front of their noses. According to GCI "Super Contributor," Jay Abraham: "If you were incompetent, would you REALLY even know it? 

An article recently got my attention that asked: Why do people ...
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4 Steps to Greatness & Adding Value

Recently, Jay Abraham conducted his LA SuperSeminar—a $5,000 per ticket event that took place in Los Angeles, California. During the event, Jay taught a cadre of eager to learn entrepreneurs from all over the world (including several martial arts school owners) about how to achieve "Greatness." And to help reinforce the concept, Jay provided them with a 15-page document (featuring a comprehension exercise at the end) focusing on this critical concept. It's called Jay Abraham's 4 Steps to Greatness and Adding Value. With Jay's permission, GCI is making this document available to you now and we strongly encourage you to read it again ...
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The Creativity Switch

Jay Abraham is known worldwide for his proven ability to think creatively and see the world in a way that most people simply can't. In fact, Jay's non-linear approaches to solving challenges in business has helped him generate more than 9 billion documented dollars for his clients. A few years back, Jay and a colleague by the name of Terry Hart created a powerful audio program called "The Creativity Switch." It was released mainly to Jay's high-end consulting clients to help get them thinking "out of the box" for a change. As a special gift from Jay...we are making the program's ...
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Mindshift Challenge Book Cover

The Abraham Mindshift Challenge

One of GCI's biggest advocates is the legendary marketing genius Jay Abraham. His mission is to help you (a martial arts entrepreneur) improve your skill set as a small business owner. That's why Jay has generously given you a copy of his popular book — "The Abraham Mind Shift Challenge." So, if you're ready to suspend linear thinking and explore/encounter some utterly unclassifiable fresh ways to see possibilities, opportunities, options and gaps that none of your competitors ever fathom - - - this 63-page compendium will teach you how to get the job done.  Inside you'll discover approximately 45 highly ...
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Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #4

Click the link below to listen to the fourth Martial Executive Mentorship tele-session with Jay Abraham and GCI President Rob Colasanti. On this call, Jay gives you a dose of sage advice and valuable wisdom that will help you excel at the beginning of any New Year and beyond. At the end of the call, Mr. Colasanti explains how Jay's concpets are directly applicable to any GCI client who wants to reach the next level of success. PLAY AUDIO: DOWNLOAD: AUDIO: >> Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #2 ...
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Jay Abraham on Greatness

Recently, Jay Abraham and GCI President Rob Colasanti were having a discusion with the CEO of Nightingale Conant. During the chat, Jay was asked to do a brief talk on the subject of "Greatness" for the Nightingale customers. Jay agreed and since he talked to the GCI clients about "Greatness" in a recent tele-mentoring session, he also wanted you to have this recording to further reinforce the concept. When you understand what greatness looks like and what it means to achieve will not only be able to access your own greatness...but you'll be much better suited to help your ...
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Multiplier or Diminisher?

During Jay Abraham's third mentoring session for the GCI clients, he referenced a brief report he wrote titled "Are You a Multiplier or Diminisher?" Then, Jay asked that it be posted to the GCI site as part of your training. Click the link below to access the PDF. Enjoy! Are You a Multiplier or Diminisher? ...
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Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #3

Click the link below to listen to the third Martial Executive Mentorship teleseminar with Jay Abraham and GCI President Rob Colasanti. During this call, Jay discusses "Greatness"...what it looks like, why it's important to aim for it and how to pull it out of yourself and your students.  At the end of the call, Mr. Colasanti speaks to Shihan Larry Zahand about the details of his new student enrollment offer, which results in an impressive 90% closure rate. PLAY AUDIO: DOWNLOAD: AUDIO: >> Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #2 ...
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How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be (Course)

This special gift from Jay Abraham simulates what it would be like to spend six weeks straight, in private consultation with him, twice a week, for 90 minutes a session. The overall course is highly clarifying and extremely well-focused. It's overflowing with examples, case studies and illustrative stories. It challenges your thinking, puts current logic to the test and gives you all kinds of new ideas for growing your school, or for staff training. Below you will find the links to approximately 18 hours of MP3 audio, plus a workbook PDF. A big bow of gratitude goes out to Jay Abraham ...
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The Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham Interview Sessions

The following recordings of Tony Robbins interviewing Jay Abraham, and vice versa, provide a penetrating examination of many (but not all) of Jay Abraham's best high-performance philosophies, strategies and foundational concepts. These now famous audios are TIMELESS and loaded to the hilt with massively valuable business wisdom that will expand your thinking as a martial arts entrepreneur. Study these interviews and transcripts more than once...and adapt anything you can to your school...or any outside the martial arts business endeavors you may have.   PLAY AUDIO: Tony Robbins Interviewing Jay Abraham—Part 1 DOWNLOAD: AUDIO: >> Tony Robbins Interviewing Jay Abraham—Part 1 PLAY ...
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Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #2

Click the play buttong below to listen to the second Martial Executive Mentorship teleseminar with Jay Abraham and GCI President Rob Colasanti. PLAY AUDIO: DOWNLOAD: AUDIO: >> Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #2 ...
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The Strategy of Preeminence

During GCI's second tele-mentoring call with Jay Abraham, "The 9.4 Billion Dollar Man" suggested we post two must-see videos of him teaching "The Strategy of Preeminence." These videos explain, explore, examine and demonstrate what being preeminent looks like for both the person applying it (you as the school owner), as well as the recipient (your students and staff). Below, you will also find a link to Jay's "Advanced Strategy of Preeminence" PDF—a document that every staff member in your school should read and understand. Follow Jay's advice...become preeminent...and your retention/enrollments will reach new heights. Download Links: Preeminence Video for Fitness ...
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93 Referral Systems Graphic

93 Referral Systems by Jay Abraham

In GCI's first tele-mentoring session with Jay Abraham, he referenced his 93 Referral Systems document and how you could adapt concepts from these already-proven strategies to create winning referral systems for YOUR school. Why do you want referrals? Because more wealth is created or lost through word of mouth than any other single business action known. Yet few businesses (martial arts schools included) have formalized, systematic, referral-generating methods in place. At GCI, we recommend you have at least 3 referral systems working for you at all times. Click on the link below to download the PDF. Print it. Go through it with ...
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Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #1

Click the play button below to listen to the first Martial Executive Mentorship teleseminar with Jay Abraham and GCI President Rob Colasanti. PLAY AUDIO: DOWNLOAD: AUDIO: >> Jay Abraham Mentoring Tele-Session #1 ...
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Abraham Book 101 359668613

Abraham 101

Please enjoy this concise introduction to Jay Abraham's core teachings and philosophies. Click the link below to download the Abraham 101 PDF. Abraham 101 ...
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