Social Media Marketing Series

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Social Media Series: Viral Marketing Tip #6

Here, social media "Game Changer," Hersh Sandhoo gives us a valuable tip on integrating your school's blog with its Facebook Fan Page. "If you have a blog for your school (which you should) the best way to share it on your Fan Page is to manually cut and paste the full link as an update," says Hersh.  Click the link below to download the PDF now! Viral Marketing Series—Tip #6 ...
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Hersh Sandhoo Tip 5

Social Media Series: Viral Marketing Tip #5

This month—social media "Game Changer," Hersh Sandhoo, reminds us how to use Facebook's event feature. According to Hersh, "This is great for open houses, Halloween costume parties, holiday get-togethers, belt ceremonies, demonstrations, and tournaments." He also recommends you link your school’s Fan Page to your personal timeline as work history. “This allows people who visit your personal profile to see your Fan Page listed as the place you work. You should have your staff do this as well,” adds Hersh. Viral Marketing Series—Tip #5 ...
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Social Media Series: Viral Marketing Tip #4

In Hersh Sandhoo’s Viral Marketing Series Tip #4, Hersh discusses the importance of tagging photos and videos on Facebook. Click the link below to access the tip. Viral Marketing Series—Tip #4 ...
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Facebook for Lead Generation and Social Proof: Part 2

Recently, Master Bryan Zarnett of Durham Modern Martial Arts, authored a very valuable special report for you titled “Facebook for Lead Generation and Social Proof.” The feedback we received was impressive. In fact, one GCI member even wrote us stating that he implemented the strategies Master Zarnett receommened, combined them with the sample artwork examples contributed by Master Dusty Everson, and enrolled 37 new students. Nice! This month, we bring you Part 2 of Master Zarnett's report. Study this extremely well written 10-pager and you will discover: How to get your advertising message on Facebook Ideas for setting your advertising goals Suggestions for ...
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Viral Tip #3

Social Media Series: Viral Marketing Tip #3

Social media "Game Changer," Hersh Sandhoo reminds us how to invite friends to "like" your school's fan page. ​ He also explains how you can use incentives to get your students to "Check-in" on your fan page from their mobile phones to share with friends that they are at your school training RIGHT NOW.   Viral Marketing Series—Tip #3 ...
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Facebook for Lead Generation and Social Proof: Part 1

Marketing your school involves many different strategies. According to GCI client, Master Bryan Zarnett, "An Internet-driven strategy uses social media, SEO (search engine optimization) and your website are the fundamental tactics in your marketing arsenal while other tactics such as referrals, promotional events and print advertising are second." His goal is to use the Internet to drive qualified students to e-mail or call for more information and/or an introductory lesson. In fact, he believes that one of the best tools for generating new student leads is Facebook advertising. In this excellent 10-page strategic report, Master Zarnett reveals the first half of ...
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Social Media Series: Viral Marketing Tip #2

In this tip, Hersh suggests using "Shares" to encourage viral marketing for your school. He also suggests including a link to your fan page when updating your Personal Timeline Status. Click the link below to download the PDF and learn how it's done. Viral Marketing Series—Tip #2 ...
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Facebook Advertising “SPECIAL REPORT” for School Owners

Master Bryan Zarnett is a GCI client and martial arts school owner located in Canada. He has a knack for growing his school using Facebook. For the benefit of the entire GCI community, Master Zarnett graciously took the time to write this excellent, step-by-step, 9-page strategic report—coaching you on exactly how he does it. Read Master Zarnett's report and you'll learn how to advertise on Facebook to drive traffic to your school's website landing page, where you can get prospects happily involved with your trial offer. Here is a solid example of how sharing knowledge can help all GCI clients ...
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Social Media Series: Viral Marketing Tip #1

In this tip, Hersh focuses on how to use "Likes" and "social plugins" to get your school's marketing to go viral. Click the link below to download the PDF. Viral Marketing Series—Tip #1 ...
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Facebook Marketing Tip 4

Should You Friend Students? The decision to friend parents and students is a personal one. The pros for doing so is that you create a more personal relationship with them, can tag them in photos, build trust and a personal connection. For example, you can comment, give encouragement and interact with them on their personal status updates. The downside is that they can access your personal life and the information you put on your personal profile, which some school owners may not want. If you do friend students, parents or have most posts public you must act like a role ...
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Facebook Marketing Tip #3

Your Vanity URL The vanity url lets people find your fan page easily. For example: instead of something like Having a custom name makes it easier for prospects and students to type in the web browser and find you on Facebook. To setup your username visit the page and follow the onscreen instructions. There are two thoughts on creating a vanity url: Have it short and consistent with your other branding Try to secure a url that has more SEO keyword value. Example: is more branding but if we were trying to attract local web design business we might have our url ...
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Facebook Marketing Tip #2

In this segment, Webmation CEO Hersh Sandhoo shares how to display your website url on your Facebook Timeline with a call to action to dramatically spike response rates. Note: if you have set your fan page category as a local business you will need to change it to the Company or Brand category. You still get the Google Map and Check-in capabilities just like a local business so you get more benefits by switching to the proper category ...
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Facebook Marketing Tip #1

As Hersh Sandhoo explains, linking your school's Facebook fan page to your personal profile is an often overlooked way to market your school. Setting this up only requires a few simple clicks, which Hersh walks you through in the video above. Then, when you interact on websites and blogs—your title, company and fan page becomes visible to other visitors thereby allowing them to go straight to your school's Facebook fan page to learn more about what you do ...
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Mastering Social Media

7 Steps to Mastering Social Media

From Hersh Sandhoo (Webmation CEO) Webmation founder, Hersh Sandhoo, is a wizard when it comes to using social media. In this special report for GCI members, Hersh reveals a variety of inexpensive ways to promote your school, build your prospect list and engage your students. Click to download the pdf ...
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