Your Social Media “Knockout Punch”

Master Dinoto and Rob

Would you like to grow your school using a proven social media system?

If so, here’s your chance.

Next week, Master Michael Dinoto of Dinoto Karate, will be my special guest in the M.A. Biz Power Connection.

He’s going to pull back the curtain and explain precisely how he’s using social media to generate “eye-popping” results at his highly profitable school in New Jersey.

In fact, here’s a few statistics you may find interesting:

***During 2012, when Master Dinoto was using primarily EDDM for marketing, he generated 492 leads with 254 sign ups.

***At the start of 2013, he switched to social media marketing and dramatically increased his new student leads to 803 with 530 sign ups.

***He’s gotten a 63% increase in leads and more than a 100% increase in sign ups— year over year.

***Master Dinoto has reduced his marketing budget approximately 30% by switching from direct mail to social media, now spending only $700-800 per month.

***Using social media, he now gets a much higher rate of return on every marketing dollar he spends.

***Master Dinoto also does birthday parties, carnivals/festivals and in-house events. But no EDDM or print ads. And he grossing an average of $43,512 per month in his very profitable 2,450 sq.ft. school.


So what does this mean for you?

If you’re interested in adding students to your school through social media marketing…or if you want to improve the results you’re currently receiving in this area…then my upcoming audio session with Master Dinoto is one that could be a serious “Game Changer” for you!

To Your Success,
Rob Colasanti
President, GCI

Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign



This Mother’s Day, make your students’ moms smile with 30 days of complimentary lessons in any available programs at your school.

Hand out these professionally designed flyers in class, or place them at your front counter.

Or, run our display ads on your website, in your student newsletter, on Facebook or wherever else makes sense for you.

Simply click the link below to download the campaign now.

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Summer Camp Marketing Campaign


Many GCI client schools offer summer camps.

Camps provide a helpful service to the parents in your community and they can be highly lucrative for your school!

If you already offer summer camps (or if you’re wanting to add this profit center to your school), you’ll find these professionally created marketing materials very useful:

Our Summer Spectacular Day Camp Campaign includes:

  • A flyer for internal or external marketing
  • A poster
  • A sign up sheet
  • Editable Microsoft Word files

Simply click the link below to download the Zip file.

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