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GCI Leadership Key #10: Passion, by Michael Mershad

GCI Ultimate Leadership Key #10 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo. Over the past year, "Game Changer," Master Michael Mershad of Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts has spearheaded GCI's leadership curriculum and certification course. Each month, he has graciously taken the time to provide insightful videos, audios and actions-step PDFs for your benefit. The intent behind his efforts has been to help you become an even stronger leader, which will subsequently increase your overall level of success (especially your income). Even more—his curriculum can easily be adopted and adapted for your students and/or staff depending upon your situation. Good stuff! As you know, ...
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Master Mershad Leadership Key #9

GCI Leadership Key #9: Intensity, by Master Michael Mershad

Master Michael Mershad of Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Academy is a 7th degree black belt and a school owner just like you. One of the reasons he teaches 350 students in a small Ohio town with less than 17,000 people is because he constantly focuses on his leadership skills and the leadership skills of his staff. In segment 9 of GCI's Ultimate Leadership course, Master Mershad discusses the topic of "Intensity." According to Master Mershad, "When you are around certain people, you feel like it sucks the energy right out of you. On the other hand, there are others, and ...
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GCI Leadership Key #8: Hunger, by Master Michael Mershad

In GCI's Ultimate Leadership Key #8, Master Michael Mershad discusses the topic of "hunger." Specifically—hunger refers to the inner drive to become better than what you are now. He presents this rather interesting topic as it pertains to working out, training and staying in great shape so you continue to be a quality role model to your students and staff. According to Master Mershad, "Many instructors I talk to have lost their drive. They stopped making goals, they stopped challenging themselves, and they would tell you, if they are being honest, that they are kind of bored. In the martial ...
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GCI Leadership Key #7: Serve, by Master Michael Mershad

GCI Ultimate Leadership Key #7 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo. According to Master Michael Mershad, Leadership comes down to service. And there are four main areas that you can "serve" in and out of your school. They include:  1.  Listening to your students 2.  Ask your parents 3.  Raise awareness 4.  Volunteer  If you want to be a more effective servant leader, so you can add value to what you do for your students, then you must watch this segment. Also, be sure to review the PDF below and complete all of the recommended action steps. By the way, this ...
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GCI Leadership Key #6: Respond, by Master Michael Mershad

In segment #6 of GCI's Ultimate Leadership Course, "Game Changer" Master Michael Mershad spotlights the importance of learning how to RESPOND, rather than REACT. Using very easy-to-follow and "down to earth" explanations, Master Mershad discusses how this concept is relevant to three key areas of your school: Students Instructor/Staff Clients Throughout his talk, he emphasizes the importance of developing proper systems, so that when something goes wrong in one of these areas…you respond like a pro using your system, rather than handling the matter poorly with a knee-jerk reaction. Master Mershad has also provided a handy PDF featuring 9 powerful action ...
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Master Mershad—Key #5

GCI Leadership Key #5: Example, by Master Michael Mershad

Real martial arts leaders lead by example! In GCI's Ultimate Leadership Key #5, Master Michael Mershad discusses specifically what it means to be a good example for your students, staff and community. To help you grasp and implement this vital concept, he breaks his talk down into three concise components: 1.  KNOW the way 2.  GO the way 3.  SHOW the way Watch this insightful segment and you'll gain an acute awareness of the kinds of leadership qualities you are currently exhibiting in front of others and whether or not you might inadvertently be sending the wrong messages to those who ...
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GCI Leadership Key #4: Discipline, by Master Michael Mershad

GCI Ultimate Leadership Key #4 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo. Discipline is perhaps the most important skill we can develop for success. It's at the root of all accomplishment. And of course, it's a character that every great martial arts leader must possess. In GCI's Ultimate Leadership Key #4, Master Michael Mershad gives you his take on why discipline is so vitally important to every school owner in the GCI family, as he discusses 5 instructor disciplines and 3 life disciplines: Topics include: 1.  Lesson Planners 2.  Team Huddles 3.  Good Job Postcards 4.  Being on the Mat 5.  Post Class Connections 6.  Diet ...
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GCI Leadership Key #3: Authentic, by Master Michael Mershad

Being authentic is a character trait that every martial arts leader should constantly practice, improve upon and maintain. In today's world, your perceived (and hopefully genuine) authenticity can have a far greater impact on your business than ever before.  That's because we live in a time where everyone has a "voice," where communication has never been easier, where social media instantly links legions of people, where competition is rampant and where transparency is at an all time high. Even more, the younger generation expects to "connect" with those they do business with in ways that are completely different than in ...
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GCI Leadership Key #2: Engage, by Master Michael Mershad

Upon studying Master Michael Mershad's second GCI Ultimate Leadership segment, you'll understand the importance of Key #2: Engage. As Master Mershad explains, "So just how do we engage our target audience? First, it is important that we adjust our style based on who we are talking to. If you teach your adult classes with the same energy, tone and demeanor that you teach your preschoolers, you will quickly lose your audience. Second, you must deliver content appropriate to that audience. It is difficult to engage with 7 year old Green Belts on their 10th set of 20 push ups. Lastly, you have ...
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GCI Leadership Key #1: Legacy, by Master Michael Mershad

In Master Michael Mershad's debut GCI Ultimate Leadership segment, he helps you discover the critical importance of Key #1: Legacy. Per Master Mershad, "As a leader in any capacity, we leave a path behind us as we go through life. Some leave wreckage and pain in their wake like a tornado. We, however, want to be like a raging river; alive,strong, focused, energizing, and beneficial to all of those who depend on us. With each day we lead, we chose. This 1st topic of Legacy is vital to your effectiveness to your students, your studio and your community." After you review Master Mershad's audio ...
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