In today’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

You’re going to get a dose of sound advice from one of the top school owners in the world—GCI member, Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed of Bushi Ban International.

Here, Grandmaster Ahmed reviews the “3 Key Areas of Growth and Success,” which includes:

1. Classroom Management

You must know where, when and who you and your instructors are teaching; what lesson plans you are teaching; how you are going to teach a particular class depending on their age and rank, etc. 

2. Attendance Tracking

First, you have to create a system for daily and weekly attendance tracking. Second, you have to effectively connect with students who are not coming to class for any reason. And third, you have to become very good at solving students’ problems so you can get them coming back to class again.  

3. Progress Tracking

Are your students making real functional progress in your classes? Are they getting what they came for? You achieve this by making sure your students are attending class consistently, taking their stripe exams (or the equivalent), and then getting promoted.

As Grandmaster Ahmed says, “Progress leads to interest…interest leads to attendance…attendance leads to renewals.” 



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