How to Host a Profitable “Day of Champions” Event with Keith Wilkes


In today’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

(Well, it’s more like 10-Minute Thursdays this time around…but you get the idea.)

Anyhow, longtime GCI friend and member Master Keith Wilkes, of FEAR KNOT Martial Arts, walks us through how he generated more than $6,000 with his 6th annual Martial Arts for Kidz Day of Champions event, which took place last week.

We’ve also included a PDF “additional resource” that touches upon:

  • Where he got his trophies, medals and boards.
  • How he increased his Facebook “likes” through this promotion.
  • How he sold 90 t-shirts at the event.
  • A breakdown of his revenues and expenses that resulted in a profit of over $3,000.

As you’ll see, this is an effective internal event that you may want to model in your own school, if you’re not doing something similar to it already.

Lastly, special thanks to Master Wilkes for taking the time to contribute this awesome video and mini-report!


DOWNLOAD Additional Resource:
PDF: >> Day of Champions Report


Tracking the Retention of Students Who Had an Objection When They Joined

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

Master Bryan Zarnett of Durham Modern Martial Arts explains how to use actionable metrics to solve problems and improve your school.

Basically, he tracks which students had an objection upon enrollment, the type of objection they had, and how long he retained them within the first year.

Then, he uses this data to put together a plan (a series of steps, call-outs, and actions) for these students, which he applies over the next 90-days to improve his chances of retaining them.

Master Zarnett uses the objection data to better understand:

  • What is a true objection and when to make a “no-go” decision.
  • Elements he needs to clarify early on and up-front.
  • His ideal student and how to identify them.
  • How he should properly handle objections.
  • The real “cost” in time and effort he invests in students with objections.

Master Zarnett has also shared the exact spreadsheet he uses to track his objection statistics and you may download it below.

And special thanks to Master Zarnett for making this generous contribution to GCI!


SPREADSHEET: >> Basic Objection Tracking Spreadsheet


A School Website Video Worthy of Modeling. Watch Now!

In this exceptional “3-Minute Thursdays” segment…

Webmation CEO, Hersh Sandhoo, shows us what a quality martial arts school overview video should look like.

Hersh recently produced the following customized website video for King Tiger Martial Arts—one of his many clients.

According to Hersh, “Video has been shown to triple website visitors, double the time spent on a website, and increase organic SEO traffic and online purchases.”

The video you’re about to see is an excellent example to model—IF you intend to create such a video for your school’s home page. It’s professionally produced, strategically written and hits all the important hot buttons.

Also, if Hersh’s video “rocks your boat,” contact him at and ask about the special offer he’s extending exclusively to GCI members to what a similar custom video to call their own.

“3 Key Areas of Growth and Success” with GM Zulfi Ahmed


In today’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

You’re going to get a dose of sound advice from one of the top school owners in the world—GCI member, Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed of Bushi Ban International.

Here, Grandmaster Ahmed reviews the “3 Key Areas of Growth and Success,” which includes:

1. Classroom Management

You must know where, when and who you and your instructors are teaching; what lesson plans you are teaching; how you are going to teach a particular class depending on their age and rank, etc. 

2. Attendance Tracking

First, you have to create a system for daily and weekly attendance tracking. Second, you have to effectively connect with students who are not coming to class for any reason. And third, you have to become very good at solving students’ problems so you can get them coming back to class again.  

3. Progress Tracking

Are your students making real functional progress in your classes? Are they getting what they came for? You achieve this by making sure your students are attending class consistently, taking their stripe exams (or the equivalent), and then getting promoted.

As Grandmaster Ahmed says, “Progress leads to interest…interest leads to attendance…attendance leads to renewals.” 


“12 Deadly Secrets of the Ninja Noodle” with Master Rod Johnson


In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to longtime GCI member, Mr. Rod Johnson.

Mr. Johnson operates Jon Sun’s Taekwon-do Academy in Vancouver, Canada.

He is also President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation of B.C.

Today, Mr. Johnson will share with you twelve fun, creative, skill-building noodle drills that you can model in your own classes.

As you’ll see, the noodles can be used for warm ups, team cooperation, partner work, boosting retention and much more.

We hope you (and your students) enjoy these “12 Deadly Secrets of the Ninja Noodle” as much as we did.

Lastly, a big bow of gratitude goes out to Mr. Johnson for taking the time to submit this excellent contribution for the benefit of the GCI audience.  (Thank you, sir!!!)

How to Enhance Your School’s Profitability with Auditing

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

GCI member, Master James Theros, who operates the Level 10 Martial Arts College in Indiana, wants to help you save some MONEY!


Well, he reminds us just how important it is to audit our student accounts on a monthly basis—whether you use a billing company, or not.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to stop money from slipping through the cracks, then you must perform this profit-enhancing activity with consistency.

To view Master Theros’ segment, simply click the image above.

Take action now!

Martial Arts USA: This is One Gorgeous School!

Our upcoming guest on the M.A. Biz Power Connection show will be GCI member, Master Jeff Cvitak.

Master Cvitak, and GCI President Rob Colasanti, will cover the A-Z on how you can immediately begin improving the culture within your school.

Today, in advance of the interview, Master Cvitak is going to give you a brief tour of his truly impressive Martial Arts USA facility, located in Springfield, Missouri.

As you’ll see, this school is clean, professional, inviting and GORGEOUS!

Click the image above to start the tour!


The Making of Fear Knot’s New TV Commercial

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our longtime friend, GCI member, Master Keith Wilkes.

Master Wilkes operates three Fear Knot Martial Arts schools in Pennsylvania and holds a degree in broadcast communications.

Recently, he created a brand new TV commercial to market his schools.

So, in this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment, Master Wilkes is going to share with you the process he used to create his commercial.

Plus, he gives you a number of valuable tips as it pertains to television advertising in general.

Finally, we conclude by showing you his new 30 second spot. Enjoy!

Master Josh Arcemont: 313 Students, $40K per Month, Awesome School Tour with Tips!

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment, we’d like to introduce you to GCI member Master Josh Arcemont.

Master Arcemont operates HERO Martial Arts Academy in Spring, Texas.

He employs three instructors, three assistants and three office staff members.

He teaches 313 active students and grosses an average of $40K per month.

Today, Master Arcemont gives you a brief tour of rather impressive school…plus, he shares some valuable tips with you along the way.

GCI salutes Master Arcemont for being an exemplary school owner—and for contributing this educational video to our worldwide community of martial arts professionals.

3-Padded Stick Training Drills from the Mayo Academy

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

Sensei Sonny Mayo, who operates the Mayo Academy of Kicboxing and MMA in New York, shares three padded stick training drills with you.

First, he and his assistant demonstrate the combinations individually at a slow speed.

Then, they put them all together into one fast and fun drill that’s excellent for students of all ages.


How to Create “A” Level Staff with Power Meetings

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to longtime GCI member Master Bryan Zarnett, who operates Durham Modern Martial Arts in Ontario, Canada.

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment, Master Zarnett shares his “Power Meetings” concept with you.

He explains how these 10-15 minute action-oriented meetings get staff members to answer three vital questions that help them stay on track for getting results.

Then, he gives you several important ideas that will help you maximize the effectiveness of these meetings.

Lastly—special thanks to Master Zarnett for always being first in line to contribute to GCI.  Your willingness to share symbolizes what GCI is all about!

5 Intense Interval Techniques for Finishing Your Classes Strong!

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

GCI’s Director of Membership Services, Master Mike Lee, shares 5 high-intensity interval techniques with you.

He normally has his students perform them on a freestanding bag for 30 seconds per side.

Master Lee uses this strategy to finish his private lessons or group workouts on a high note—which ensures that his students leave sweaty, smiling and sore.


An Excellent Focus Mitt Drill for Your Students

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays video…

Sensei Sonny Mayo of the Mayo Academy in New York shares an excellent focus mitt combo drill with you.

This drill is perfect for building your students’ coordination, endurance, timing, speed, accuracy…and, of course, their punching skills!

To watch Master Mayo’s segment, simply click the image above.

8-Step Sparring Kung Fu Drill with Master James Theros

In this 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

GCI member, Master James Theros of Level 10 Martial Arts College, shares with you his 8-step sparring kung fu drill.

As you’ll see, it helps students develop their hand-eye coordination, their arm strength and their cardio vascular endurance…plus it’s a lot of fun, too!


A School Tour that Highlights Professionalism

In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays video…

Master Michael Pam graciously gives us a brief, yet educational tour of his school, located in Selden, New York.

He reminds us that when your school presents a highly professional appearance, it can be a “game changer” for your enrollments and retention.

Click the image above to join the tour now!


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