Hello Friend,

Have you ever felt as if you’re “doing everything right,” but your school still isn’t growing to the level of your expectations?

Or, that you might be overlooking something simple?

Or, that you’re “better” than the mediocre results you keep getting?

If so, you’re not alone.

This feeling of “something’s missing” has been known to frustrate school owners far and wide.

Truth is…

What’s often holding you back isn’t your marketing, sales, curriculum, location, etc.

In fact, it’s usually something less obvious, but that’s hiding in plain sight.

“What could it be?” you wonder.

Well, the hidden culprit might just be a flawed CULTURE.

Yes, culture!

Make no mistake—developing a rock-solid culture that is a perfect fit for your unique situation is one of the most important, yet challenging, ingredients for creating a highly successful martial arts school.

It’s often what separates mediocrity from magnificence in our profession.

And as you know, I desperately want YOU to be magnificent!

So that’s why in my recent interview with Master Jeff Cvitak, of Martial Arts USA, we covered the A – Z on culture

Seriously…I don’t think I could have found a more appropriate (and gracious) guest with whom todiscuss this particular topic.

You see, a few years ago, Master Cvitak made a number of high-impact changes to his culture…and the results were nothing short of impressive!

Today, he’s more than doubled his student count to 383 active. He has 16 excellent paid staff members. He operates inside of a gorgeous 5,500 sq. ft. facility. And he’s enjoying an enviable lifestyle as a martial arts entrepreneur on the rise.

During my exclusive “Strategy Session” interview with Master Cvitak found here, he openly shares with you precisely what he did to overhaul his school’s culture for the benefit of everyone involved.

Together, we help you understand how to evaluate, improve, or augment your school’s culture—so that your retention, enrollments, special events and profits head skyward.

We give you plenty of tested and proven examples of what to do, as well as what not to do.

And—we give you the insights and information you need to create an entirely new culture from scratch, if necessary.

When you listen to this knowledge-loaded session, you will walk away with a treasure trove of actionable tips, tactics, and strategies that will help you analyze and improve your school’s culture, regardless of its current status.

Plus, the advice you hear WILL help transform you into a savvier school owner, if you implement it.

To read a more in-depth description of the topics covered, or to listen to this truly outstanding session, please click here now.

And special thanks to my friend Master Cvitak for taking the time to contribute his expert knowledge for the betterment of his fellow GCI members around the world.

To Your Success,


Rob Colasanti
President, GCI


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