hesrhThis month on the M.A. Biz Power Connection show…

GCI President, Rob Colasanti, will conduct an in-edpth interview with his longtime friend, Webmation CEO, Hersh Sandhoo.

Sandhoo is a 4th degree black belt and one of the original technology “wizkids” of the martial arts industry.

Often accused of being “ahead of his time,” he helped grow one of his client’s schools from $200K to over a million dollars a year using his integrative digital marketing strategies.

Clearly, as technology continues to proliferate and infiltrate all aspects of marketing, it’s critical that school owners understand how to harness its power.

But sadly, digital marketing remains little understood among many school owners throughout our industry today.

During this exclusive, 1.5 hour, content rich “Strategy Session” titled How to Get More Quality New Student Leads Online—Fast and Affordably, Colasanti and Sandhoo will shine a halogen bright light on this critical subject:

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The top mistakes martial arts school owners make when it comes to their school’s website. 
  • The seven ways to market your school online for optimum results.
  • The importance of using video on your landing pages and website.
  • The dangers of using a template website versus a fully customized site.
  • Why and how your school should be using a blog to generate quality leads through content marketing.
  • What a remarketing campaign is and how to use it to your lead generating advantage. 
  • An effective strategy to optimize your school’s reputation online. 
  • Why only 20% of your Facebook followers might be seeing your school’s posts and how to dramatically improve it. 
  • Whether or not you should delegate your school’s marketing and why. 
  • Tips on how to market your school online when working with a very small budget. 
  • The vital role of analytics to measure your school’s online marketing performance. 
  • How to optimize PPC ads on social media sites.
  • Which social media sites you should be using for each important age group you want to attract.
  • What to do if your school’s current website is not “responsive.”
  • How to get your school ranked number one on Google, so you can dominate search in your local area. 
  • Effective ways to monetize your school’s website, besides just driving more traffic to it. 
  • How to claim your school’s listing on Google Maps and why this is so important. 
  • And much much more…

This interview promises to deliver a treasure chest of expert digital marketing advice, thereby giving you strong insights into what it takes to maximize your online lead generation efforts using today’s technologies.

It’s coming your way later this month!



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