Point MMA Drills Series—Segment 4

Point MMA Segment #4 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo.

According to Point MMA founder, Willie “Bam” Johnson, “All you need is your bodyweight, mind, spirit and the rhythmic sound of your own drum.”

In segment #4, Bam’s instructors begin with a 12 count rhythmic footwork drill performed to music and then shown in slow motion.

Next they square off and turn it into a high-energy partner footwork drill.

They show you how to do this same challenging footwork drill using a “tape triangle” on the floor, which helps student memorize the pattern.

And finally, they bring the kids out to demonstrate that this drill can be fun and effective for students of all ages.

[NOTE: For more information about Point MMA, please contact Master Willie Johnson at BamsKungFu@aol.com]


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