Jay Abraham on “Ethical Persuasion”

Jay Abraham Ethical Persuasion Keynote


Legendary business growth specialist, Jay Abraham, was GCI’s very first “Game Changer.”

Jay just announced that he’s doing a video keynote for a conference that his Japanese partners are hosting for Dr. Robert Cialdini—author of the iconic, mega best seller Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.
For his video-based keynote presentation, Jay chose the subject of “Ethical Persuasion.”

So he will teach Dr. Cialdini’s attendees how to ethically program prospects, progress one-time buyers into perpetual clients, and build a raving fan base that will stay and refer other quality buyers to your company or product for life.

What does this mean to you?
According to Jay, “I have approached this integrative topic from multiple key vector points. And, it seems shameful to share this powerful knowledge only with the attendees of Dr. Cialdini’s program in Tokyo. So I have decided to share with you these integrative modules in hopes they can help you grow your martial arts school.”

Each segment is approximately 12-18 minutes.

The videos sell you nothing.

By the end of the series you will have gained a solid understanding of how to connect and ethically lead your marketplace in the most preeminent and preemptive ways possible.

While Jay isn’t “the typical” martial arts school owner turned consultant, much of what he discusses in these 5 segments will be highly relevant to you as a business owner, and studying this material is more than worth the time you’ll invest.

Here are the links to access the modules:

Video 1—Jay discusses how to get prospects to choose your service over your competitors’.
Jay Abraham on Ethical Persuasion part 1 

Video 2—Jay explains how to use Amazon’s book reviews to develop a competitive advantage.
Jay Abraham on Ethical Persuasion part 2 

Video 3—You’ll learn how to create ethical control over your key market.
Jay Abraham on Ethical Persuasion part 3

Video 4—Jay teaches you important insights on building trust—a key ingredient for any martial arts school.
Jay Abraham on Ethical Persuasion part 4

Video 5—Tips on how to get a constant, never ending flow of quality referrals.
Jay Abraham on Ethical Persuasion part 5


We encourage you to put Jay’s advice to good use!


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