GCI Leadership Key #7: Serve, by Master Michael Mershad

GCI Ultimate Leadership Key #7 from Rob Colasanti on Vimeo.

According to Master Michael Mershad, Leadership comes down to service.

And there are four main areas that you can “serve” in and out of your school. They include: 

1.  Listening to your students

2.  Ask your parents

3.  Raise awareness

4.  Volunteer

 If you want to be a more effective servant leader, so you can add value to what you do for your students, then you must watch this segment.

Also, be sure to review the PDF below and complete all of the recommended action steps.

By the way, this is EXCELLENT material for your next staff meeting.


GCI Leadership Key #7, Serve—PDF

Three Keys to What You Want

Three Keys to What You WantIn the following 8 page Super Human Success newsletter written by “The Zen Master,” Matt Furey, is an important read for any GCI client…especially when it comes to setting and keeping goals for the New Year.

In this enlightening issue, Matt debunks some of the common success advice being preached by others in the self development field. Then, he gives you his proven formula for getting what you want.

The three keys he discusses are:

1.  Deep Breathing 

2.  Mental Pictures 

3.  Movement

According to The Zen Master, “If you continually practice and go deeper into these three keys, I promise you will get better and better at whatever you do. You learn to give maximum effort by using your breath and your mind to help you accomplish the goal.”

Matt also gives you several powerful exercises that teach you how you can begin breathing energy into your body…and life into your goals.

He explains why your breath is your power.

And, he advises you how to create a vacuum for your goals by getting rid of all the mental and physical junk that is clogging your life.

Click the link below to access this truly outstanding newsletter.


Three Keys to What You Want—PDF


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