In this week’s 3-Minute Thursdays segment…

Master Bryan Zarnett of Durham Modern Martial Arts explains how to use actionable metrics to solve problems and improve your school.

Basically, he tracks which students had an objection upon enrollment, the type of objection they had, and how long he retained them within the first year.

Then, he uses this data to put together a plan (a series of steps, call-outs, and actions) for these students, which he applies over the next 90-days to improve his chances of retaining them.

Master Zarnett uses the objection data to better understand:

  • What is a true objection and when to make a “no-go” decision.
  • Elements he needs to clarify early on and up-front.
  • His ideal student and how to identify them.
  • How he should properly handle objections.
  • The real “cost” in time and effort he invests in students with objections.

Master Zarnett has also shared the exact spreadsheet he uses to track his objection statistics and you may download it below.

And special thanks to Master Zarnett for making this generous contribution to GCI!


SPREADSHEET: >> Basic Objection Tracking Spreadsheet



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